Vignettes of the SOUTHERN RAILWAY - Volume 1

Vignettes of the SOUTHERN RAILWAY - Volume 1
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Volume 1 of Clear Block Productions' "Vignettes of the SOUTHERN RAILWAY" features two promotional films...PIGGYBACK SOUTHERN STYLE and VIA SEVIER. PIGGYBACK SOUTHERN STYLE is an early 1960's look at then state-of-the-art intermodal piggyback and container service on the Southern, and why it makes sense to combine truck/rail service. Great behind-the-scenes shots of loading/unloading intermodal equipment and railroading in general combine with cool shots of old semi-trucks and automobiles to present an enjoyable, educational, and even inadvertently humorous look at life in the early 1960's. (CONTAINS MILD PROFANITY). 20 minutes. VIA SEVIER is a 1950's program highlighting improvements being made around the Southern Railway. It follows two boxcars as they progress across the SR from Memphis, TN to Columbia, SC passing through the beautiful Alabama countryside, Chattanooga's yard which was being modernized at the time, Knoxville's Sevier Yard which had just been modernized and is the focus of the program, and on east over North Carolin's Saluda Hill. Even though this program is nearly 60 years old, it still provides a Great look at behind the scenes operations in a hump yard. Most of the motive power seen are F-units and EMD switchers, and the many shots of classic 1950's freight cars is sure to please modelers, railfans, and armchair railroaders alike. 25 minutes

47 minutes total, DVD-R Format