Vignettes of the NEW YORK CENTRAL

Vignettes of the NEW YORK CENTRAL
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Product Description

Vignettes of the NEW YORK CENTRAL SYSTEM includes mostly 16mm color and black/ white film of Steam and Diesel action during the 1930s-40s-50s-and 60s in Massachusetts, Eastern New York, Ohio and Indiana. Beginning in Boston on the Boston and Albany, the program moves west along the NYCs Water Level Route to include Eastern New York (and some New York City area), Conneaut and Cleveland, Ohio, South Bend, Indiana, and the Chicago area, with a side trip down the Big Four to Columbus, Ohio. The Centrals Hudsons, Mohawks, Niagaras, Pacifics and Berkshires comprise the steam locomotives shown, with many First Generation diesels seen...including the X-Plorer. A Special feature is a mid-1950s trip down Clevelands Cuyahoga river showing the rail-water-and industrial facilities! Also seen are glimpses of neighboring roads Nickel Plate, Rock Island, and Grand Trunk Western, all in Vignettes of the NEW YORK CENTRAL!

54 mins - Color/B&W - Audio / music - DVD-R