THE PANHANDLE - Volume 2 - Newark to Pittsburgh

THE PANHANDLE - Volume 2 - Newark to Pittsburgh
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Named for a small railroad operating in Pennsylvania which was eventually controlled by the Pennsylvania Railroad, "THE PANHANDLE" is the nickname for the "P" Company's mainline from Pittsburgh to St. Louis and Chicago, via Columbus, Ohio.

The first miles eastward from Columbus was on trackage rights over the Baltimore and Ohio Railroads Columbus and Newark Division. Leaving Newark on its own rails. THE PANHANDLE began its climb toward Pittsburgh through the foothills of the Alleghenys.

In Volume II, Paul Geiger and Bob Sherwood cover THE PANHANDLE during the 1970's the way it was meant to be covered: from trackside, from the towers, from the locomotive cab, and from west to east and back again. Here is THE PANHANDLE in its final years as a heavy-duty railroad and as it most likely will never be seen again.

60 minutes